Van Beek’s innovative SpeedClean in the race for Accenture Innovation Award

Innovative cleaning method for screw conveyor systems saves a lot of work

Van Beeks innovative SpeedClean screw cleaning method is competing for a prize in the Accenture Innovation Awards. The concept that drastically speeds up the cleaning of screw conveyor systems has been accepted in the category of smart manufacturing.

The Accenture Innovation Awards are awarded each year to the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts. With the Innovation Awards Accenture gives companies and organisations the recognition they deserve.

The high point is the presentation of the Innovation Awards on 30 October in DeFabrique in Utrecht. During this final the specialist juries present the prizes and the winner of the Public Prize is announced.

Faster, better and more ergonomic
With SpeedClean cleaning is not only faster, but also better and more ergonomic. This new method is Van Beek’s answer to the increasingly more stringent hygiene standards for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and meat and food processing industry.

Meets the most stringent hygiene standards
The cleaning of machines has priority in these sectors to meet all the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements. Producers aim continuously and carefully for a higher cleaning speed to save costs and claims. The SpeedClean is simple but revolutionary because in one vertical movement the screw lifts into the cleaning position, including bearings and seals.

Revolutionary design already crowned as process innovator
Manufacturers usually clean machines at high pressure or with stream in combination with cleaning products and disinfectants. A much used technique for saving costs in the process industry is ‘cleaning in place’, also called CIP, where machines clean themselves automatically from the inside out. CIP is difficult for a screw conveyor. It was still very labour intensive to clean a screw conveyor, since not all the parts were fully accessible. Van Beek has changed all this with its design. The SpeedClean was officially introduced in October 2014 at the Industrial Processing fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands and was crowned there as a process innovator.

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