Van Beek screw conveyors are frequently used in the chemicals industry. The Van Beek team is therefore often already familiar with the specific properties of the product to be transported.

The design of applications in the chemicals industry is often carried out in consultation with the client. The specific requirements of the client are coupled here with the years of experience of Van Beek.


Van Beek associates hygiene and screw conveyance: Hypreme

Hygiene and screw conveyance come together in Hypreme. For Hypreme products the starting point is controllability of hygiene. Specially developed for food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, the complete design is dominated by preventing microbacterial growth and the thorough cleaning and inspection of the system. Hypreme hence offers controllability of production processes in which everything revolves around hygiene.


Unique solutions thanks to unique combinations

With the Hypreme concept each system is fully geared to your production process. After all, different requirements are made of hygiene in the pharmaceuticals industry than in the meat processing industry. Van Beek does not therefore deliver a ready-made solution. We work with you to design a conveyor line that best takes into consideration the hygiene requirements laid down. By together making the right choices of materials, finish levels, bearings, gaskets, drives and inspection and cleaning provisions, Hypreme makes any required combination in hygienic screw conveying possible.

Hypreme makes the right connection between the knowledge of our specially trained engineers, production employees, suppliers of components and materials, institutes (TNO and EHEDG) and your requirements within the production process. Together these elements form the recipe for a unique hygienic screw conveyor system.

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  • Screw elevators

  • Vertical conveyors

  • Big bag discharge systems

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