Van Beek is characterised by offering total solutions, high quality and a first class service.


Customised for every situation

Different requirements apply for every screw conveyor. We start from what the customer wants. What is technically possible is soon clear to us because of our know how and experience. The customer has a high quality discussion partner in Van Beek. Already during the quotation phase we ensure that we merge the customer’s experience with our know how. In this way we always model a unique system.

The process on paper is only the beginning. At least as important as the designers are the experts in our workshop. An old hand in the trade goes over the commissioning. By means of checks and tests he keeps a sharp eye on whether the screw conveyor meets the design specifications.

A new phase begins with the delivery of the screw conveyor and you deal with a committed service team who are familiar with your situation and the screw conveyor system supplied. Should an unexpected situation arise, then half a word is often enough for them to be able to help.



Sometimes testing must be carried out with the product to be conveyed. Then for example the running properties, stickiness, or conveyability of a particular material is determined.

To carry out this testing Van Beek has its own professionally equipped test centre.

Material test
We have already tested and assessed the physical properties of a wide range of materials. The samples taken for these tests are archived in an airtight place.

Orientation test
Trials are carried out with the product here and the responses observed and analysed. For example we investigate the running properties, material density or conveyor efficiency.

Warranty test
Van Beek gives a process warranty if the specific settings of the test set-up can be scaled up to an industrial application.

Expert advice
Due to our expertise you are assured of very expert support when carrying out testing. We are pleased to help you come up with the answers.

Improve production process?
Would you also like to improve your production process?

Then test your product in our test centre. We would be pleased to help you with this. Call +31416375225 and book your own test day now.



Craftsmanship is mastery, and has been since 1939

Van Beek has a production area of 4,000 m², divided over two production halls so that steel and stainless steel can be processed separately.

Traditional expertise with up-to-date resources and continuous training guarantee a permanent lead.


Installation and maintenance

Service 24/7

We are here for you if in spite of all our precautions a malfunction occurs. Our service department is available 24/7. Thanks to our short lines our help can be put in place quickly. All our service assistants are in possession of a VCA certificate.

If you have a malfunction outside office hours, contact us via the direct service number +31(0)6-53287258 or via the form on the contact page.