Van Beek is characterised by offering total solutions, high quality and a first class service.


Installation and maintenance

Service 24/7

For us delivery does not stop upon handing over the physical product. For Van Beek delivery goes a lot further. We are very aware that Van Beek may also be called upon after delivery and we then have to respond quickly and appropriately. We try to do this, and feel it is our duty and responsibility. You can hold us to this.

We are here for you if in spite of all our precautions a malfunction occurs. Our service department is available 24/7. Thanks to our short lines our help can be put in place quickly. All our service assistants are in possession of a VCA certificate.

If you have a malfunction outside office hours, contact us via the direct service number +31(0)6-53287258 or fill in the form on the contact page.